My last first day 

I just finished my last first day workout AGAIN. But this is my final because I am done starting over and to be honest I am sure all of my friends and family are too. It’s sad cause my enemy is a must have, FOOD! I STRUGGLE with food like there is no tomorrow. It does have a control on me that I have allowed and need to learn to quit. But unlike any other addiction food is required and I can’t just quit it. I must learn to control what I put in my body and that’s the hard part. I finished my workout and no biggie. But now the hard part: controlling what I eat or don’t eat all day. It’s going to be hard but I have to. There is no alternative because I am not ready to accept being fat the rest of my life. 


Life with allergies

Oh that dreaded word, allergies. Last night I was laying in bed at 11:30 almost asleep when my niece sends me a text! She is pregnant and due in less than 4 weeks so it must be that, right? NO! She text me and informs me that the lotion that I had and gave to her has Oryza Sativa in it! Um ok but why does this matter? Well Oryza Sativa is another word for RICE!! Seriously why did I have to learn this at the time where I was almost asleep! My daughter is highly allergic to rice and now I have to look for words that mean rice? Seriously I am over these allergies. I went through the major things that we use on or around her and they are all free of that so we are good, we are in the process of switching to chemical free so that really helps. But then I had to Google other names for rice and there is like 30 names! WHAT!! So I will be putting my laminator to very good use as I compile a list of alias’ for my daughter’s arch enemies and make sure none of them get invited into our home by mistake. But on a side note today went great, not!! My van, after I filled it up naturally, decided to let me know that the neck to my fuel tank is broken and refuses to work therefore I have a huge gas leak! So I had to rush it to the mechanic, who can’t get the new fuel tank until Thursday, and stop driving our only vehicle that holds our whole family. While getting the news about the death of our fuel tank my Xan man, oh Xan man, found a pole and discovered that if he jumped on it he could then slide down it. By time we were done he was quite good at it. But there is always a bright side cause God is awesome. Our Aunts have a vehicle that fits our whole family that we can borrow until my van is fixed!! YAY!! Also had my husband not got a new job that paid more than his old I would really be flipping over this repair work, but God knew and is planning for our future even when we don’t realize it. So if you take nothing from this I would like you to walk away with this: 1. God is Awesome 2. Even our not so awesome days could always be worse, you do still have a pulse 3. Allergies suck and please enjoy some fried rice with some peanuts for me  Until next time, farewell

My first real blog

Well I was told by a friend, we will call them KP, that I should start a blog. So here it is, my first blog! Well today I decided I was either the best mom or worst mom ever. While I love my kids dearly we have one whom we love but she is allergic to PEANUTS AND RICE! Seriously, rice! Who is allergic to rice? Oh yeah my kid is that’s who. So we avoid products with or processed with these products when she is home but when she is gone to the aunts we totally eat the peanut butter and fried rice! I know I know, what if she comes home early? Well that has happened and simply stuff as much into our mouth as we can and chew really fast and when she is 5 minutes out we run and brush our teeth, wash our faces and hands so we can be around her again. Stop judging us, maybe you should try to live without peanuts and rice products and see how well you do. Well that’s all, but we are going to the store so you never know, Xan Man did pinch a girl inappropriately in the frozen section. We don’t take him to the store that often any more. Have a great night!!